Some Pests and Plant diseases outdoor in May

Moss Moss Elatobium abietinum Green Spruce Aphid
Hoplocampa minuta Plum Fruit Sawfly panonychus ulmi Fruit tree red spider mite
Lilioceris lilii Leaf beetle, lily Nectria galligena Canker
Botrytis paeonia Grey mold on Pæonia Cecidophyopsis ribis Currant bud mite
Acleris comariana Strawberry Tortrix Arion hortensis Garden slug
Botrytis tulipae

Tulip Fire

Pests and Plant diseases indoor

Tetranuchus urticae Spider mites Saisettia coffeae Scale insects
Pseudococcus longispinus Mealybugs polyphagotarsonemus latus Broad Mites
Myzus persicae Aphids Trialeurodes vaporariorum White flies