Using the photos

Pictures just make the difference.!

When you are discussing issues inside the world of plant pathology or entomology, presentation of pictures, often is what makes the difference. Good subjects and pictures at a high quality, are very often difficult to find.

Photos for Free
Copyright for these photos belongs solely to www.plante-doktor.dk.
Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the photographer.

However, you are free to use photos, single ore in a few copies for educational purposes. In this occasion, please send me a mail, telling which pictures you want to use and under which circumstances they are to be placed.

The correct reference: Foto: Magnus Gammelgaard. www.plante-doktor.dk , should be placed underneath the pictures.

You can download the photos just by "right clicking" the photo and choosing "save as"

Buying Photos
Most of the pictures are to be found at the address   www.plant-diseases.com Here it is possible to buy Photos for using them in publications, newspapers, magazines, commercials, websites .., or what you may want..