Idea and background

Today the use of pesticides in Danish gardens nearly has been superseded by other methods. Everybody has their focus on and concerning for the nature and the possibility to put more nature into their garden. Biodiversity is the key word. We would like to invite the nature into our garden and discover a greater diversity. Fortunately, we at the same time can obtain the utility value of many of the beneficial organisms, that moves along. 
However, we must accept that not all our crops will be perfect and without any damage. We must learn that sometimes the result is a little less than expected. So, it is in nature!
Pest and plant-diseases should be exiting to investigate. Specially the interaction between the crops and the surrounding environment.  
On www.plante-doktor.dk you can see some proposal and solutions, to be used in controlling pest sand diseases on crops and ornamentals. Some of these I have tried myself with success. Solutions should be sustainable together with all the organism in the garden. 
Project objective must be to grove plants with a minimal use of chemicals.

  • Magnus Gammelgaard Nielsen
  • Horticultural Technician
  • Working with horticultural plant diseses and pests sinse 1980 at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences.
  • Courses in Plant Pathology and Horticultural Zoology, at The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark.
  • Courses in Plant Pathology at Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS).